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The Low Down on Authors and TEDx Talks

Landing speaking engagements is a crucial goal for many authors as part of their book marketing strategy. Speaking platforms offer the opportunity to convert attendees into book buyers and reach a broader audience through recorded videos that can remain accessible on the internet for years. One of the most sought-after speaking platforms in recent times is the TEDx series, known for bringing together individuals from the realms of technology, entertainment, and design. TEDx speeches are limited to a maximum of 18 minutes and are expected to be highly engaging. 

The participation of renowned personalities in TEDx events adds to the allure and prestige of the platform. While TEDx talks are widely recognized, the process of being selected as a speaker may not be apparent to everyone. Those who have navigated this process emphasize that it can take time before receiving an invitation, but it is an achievable goal for most people. Patience and persistence are essential, and the selection process typically involves several steps. It includes a written proposal, phone calls with the organizers, revisions to the proposal, presenting a topic, and engaging in rehearsals. 

As with most presentations, the planning process is detailed and unfolds over time. TEDx organizers prioritize several vital aspects when selecting speakers, emphasizing the presentation of a groundbreaking idea. Speakers must offer a fresh perspective or innovative approach to the subject to surprise and captivate the audience. The core objective of TEDx is to provoke new ways of thinking and ignite conversations that push the boundaries of conventional thought. The identified new idea often pertains to an emerging or imminent cultural shift for the audience's benefit.

TEDx organizers have specific objectives in planning events and selecting speakers. They seek people with distinctive perspectives who can articulate the significance of their viewpoints. Additionally, TEDx values speakers who are not extensively exposed, preferring those who offer fresh insights and perspectives that are not readily accessible to all audience members. Diversity of opinions is also highly valued, and representing a less commonly heard perspective can be advantageous in the selection process. Therefore, adding some surprise or unexpected nature to your topic helps you get invited.


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