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Spring 2021

Theme: Religion in the Public Sphere

January 6, 2021: Religion and Public Monuments

As statues and monuments are criticized and dismantled across our country, is there a religious critique to add to this movement? Are there religious monuments which have outlived their time?

February 3, 2021: Religion and Race

Continuing our discussion of “Religion and Black Lives Matter,” the panel will address how the social construct of race plays a part in our religions, historically and now.

March 3, 2021: Religion and White Supremacy

It’s not just the extremists who subscribe to white supremacy. This ideology underlies many of our institutions and is embedded in our assumptions and habits. What can we do about this?

April 7, 2021: What is Truth?

Religions provide foundations for understanding the world. In an atmosphere where people speak of “alternative facts” and “information silos,” how do we know what to believe? Is all truth relative, or is there absolute truth?

May 5, 2021: Reflections on the Pandemic

After 14 months of an officially declared global pandemic, what have we learned? What does the future hold?